Facebook Photo,
Groups + Library

Role: Art Director & Designer

I joined Facebook shortly after a new photography direction was solidified for the FB App. As an art director, my responsibilities included shoot production and app implementation for this new photo style, as well as finding opportunities to improve the in-app experience through artful moments. Facebook Groups was a prime space to refresh and introduce/test our new diverse and relatable photo style. The process to completion included shot list concept sketches, casting guidance, remote shoot AD (prime covid times), and retouching feedback. I worked closely with engineers in the final stages to launch new app ui, allowing for our images to shine. In addition to Groups, we built a library of photo assets depicting common categories (work, sports, wellness, etc) to avoid using stock and get ahead of internal requests. 

In-App examples:

Shot List Sketches:

Photographers - Michelle Gropskof, Brad Ogbonna, Jessica Pettway, Megan Madden
Production Partners - Henstooth Productions
FB Photo Team - Toby Kauffman, Yasmeen Ben-Halim, Lorenna Gomez Sanchez