Give 'Em Something
to Grill About
Ad Campaign

Role: Art Director & Designer

Impossible Foods is on a mission to turn back the clock on climate change by getting everyone to eat meat made from plants. To welcome meat eaters into the delicious world of Impossible we crafted a collection of still photos and short video vignettes full of lighthearted moments and unexpected details. The goal being to inspire the adventurous party planners out there to add something new (and plant based) to the grill. I helped brainstorm concepts that aligned with the brief, mockups, direction on props and sound design, and polishing the supers.

So what’s exactly happening here? How did that burger get smiley face grill marks? Why is a boat towing a burger in a pool and more importantly, why is a pickle driving that boat?! We don’t have the answers to these questions, but we hope it encourages our audience to add Impossible to their summer grillout.

Campaign rollout examples ↓

Behind the scenes ↓

Agency Partner: Breakfast for Dinner
Impossible Team: Dani Balenson, Lauran Pham, David Imani, Taylor Kelly, Julia Kaplan, Michael Bortinger, Mia Matthews